September 08, 2016
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    While you may think foot problems only plague adults, children often find themselves with foot injuries and deformities similar to an adult. At Emerald Coast Podiatry, we often see children with issues such as Flat foot or Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

    Infants are often born with flat feet that continue into childhood typically disappearing around the age of 6. Yet, about 20% of children will not outgrow their flat feet. They can develop tightness and limitations of the foot while never fully developing an arch in their foot. These children develop symptoms such as foot pain, pressure in the inner side of the foot, stiff foot, or limited side to side motion of the feet. It is important to treat this early because if left untreated, it can eventually lead to childhood lower back pain and knee pain. Often there are simple solutions, such as certain exercises or orthotics, that your podiatrist can treat you with. It is important not to ignore any pain or discomfort your child is experiencing.

    With school back in session, children are more active in school and after school activities. Make sure your child's shoes fit properly and are replaced often as they grow, sometimes as often as every 2-3 months. Shoes that are too rigid or tight can alter the shape of the child's foot and about 70% of problems with a child’s feet can be avoided by just wearing the correct shoes. Talk with your podiatrist for suggestions because healthy foot care should start early!