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As you may or may not know, a half marathon covers a distance of 13.1 miles. A challenging task for many.

"A Half" as it is frequently called, requires dedication, persistance and a reliance to a large degree on your equipment, ie, running shoes, socks, orthotics and proper rest.

Well, I just came back from a 6 day trip to Orlando theme parks. I decided to bring my fitness band to track my steps. I planned ahead and reevaluated my biomechanics, my stance and my current running shoes prior to going. Being as flat footed as you can be, and having just about every foot pathology I treat, I decided to go with a new running shoe. ( in a soon to be posted blog, I will detail my top pics for all runners and walkers )

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The shoes fit my orthotics perfectly.I gathered multiple bamboo and acrylic wicking socks and made sure I packed those,too. ( also, a quality sock review soon to be posted ) And hit the road, or "main street". Then the other parks. 5 days, 5 parks, and according to fitness band 22000 steps on average! 5280 feet in a mile,and being a shade under average height, about 3 feet per step means 3x 22000 steps / 5280= 12.5 miles!

Well not exactly a half marathon, pretty close. I was really impressed by the combination of proper running shoes, socks and orthotics. I was honestly pain and fatigue free at the end of each day.I can help you get there too.

They say that proper marathon trainning takes training, proper equipment and rest. Last week, I had the first two. Taking a 2 year old and a 6 year old to an Orlando theme park? Well, lets just say Im working on the "rest" part.