Plantar Fasciitis Faq

I have heel pain and I think I have plantar fasciitis. Will shoe inserts help me?

Yes, possibly. While there is not one heel insert fits all, the over the counter inserts may relieve some of the pain you are having. At Emerald Coast Podiatry, you can get custom shoe inserts made specifically for your feet. These will help alleviate your pain.

Will I need to get injections in my feet? I've heard they can be painful.

There is no one cure fits all, so you may or may not need an injection, but you and your doctor will talk about this together. If you need an injection to your foot, typically the first injection is the most painful, but tolerable. The good news is most people only need 1-2 injections, with the majority of people only needing just one.

I love wearing sandals and I wear them all the time. Do sandals make my heel pain worse?

While comfortable, wearing sandals can negatively impact your feet. While they might be comfortable at first, they offer no support to the foot and no shock absorption while walking. This can make already painful heels even worse. It is best to wear supportive shoes all the time to decrease the pain you are feeling in your feet and prevent further pain and damage to your foot.

I have worn the same sneakers for the past couple of years, but they seem to be in good shape. Does the age of my sneakers matter?

Yes! While sneakers may look like they are in the same condition you bought them in, over time they loose their support, causing your feet to hurt. Sneakers should be replaced at a minimum of every 3-6 months. If you wear the sneakers every day or use them while working at a job where you are on your feet a lot, then sneakers should  be replaced even sooner.

I'm interested in newer methods of treatment. Does Emerald Coast Podiatry offer anything like that?

Absolutely! Emerald Coast Podiatry uses a variety of ways to treat patients. Some of the newest cutting edge technology includes rapid and successful stem cell therapy. This can help heal your tendons and ligaments, therefore reducing pain. You may also be happy to hear this is available instead of surgery. Talk to your podiatrist about stem cell therapy for plantar fasciitis, and together you can discuss if this may be right for you.

How exactly did this pain begin? I'm careful when I run and I replace my shoes often.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia in your foot. This connects the tendon in your foot from your heels to your toes. Almost any motion of your legs can create a pull on the tendon in your foot. It can be while you are walking, running, or stretching. It can also happen over time by slowing creating tears in the plantar fascia.  Anyone can get this. Just because you don't run everyday or work on your feet five days a week does not exempt you from plantar fasciitis.

My feet hurt, but I'm not sure I have plantar fasciitis. What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is a stabbing pain when you first stand on your feet. This can happen when you first get up in the morning or when you stand up after sitting down for a period of time. There may also be inflammation in your feet. The best and only sure way to know if you have plantar fasciitis is to visit your podiatrist. Emerald Coast Podiatry sees this condition all the time and it is 100% curable.

What happens if I just try to deal with the pain? Is it possible it will just go away on its own?

Plantar fasciitis is unlikely to just go away. Since plantar fasciitis typically occurs over time, you may gradually change the way you walk to accommodate the pain you begin to feel. This can have repercussions such as other foot, leg, hip, and back pain. Your daily activities may become more and more limited because of the pain as well. Heel spurs can also develop because of continued stress on the plantar fascia and the way it pulls at the bone. The pain will continue to increase and cause constant pain while walking or standing. But remember, Emerald Coast Podiatry sees this as 100% curable. Why deal with the pain if you don't have to?

I'm in a lot of pain and my appointment is next week. Can I do anything temporarily to get some pain relief until my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, you can do several things. First, get off your feet! Rest as much as possible and try to limit activities that aggravate your foot pain. You may also put ice on your feet, alternating the ice 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off several times throughout the day. This can reduce the swelling and decrease the pain. Avoid wearing sandals and going barefoot. Wear your supportive sneakers, even at home.

Emerald Coast Podiatry also has a cancellation list, so call and add your name so we can possibly get you in and treated sooner.

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I've read online that I could have a stress fracture, but I also think it could be plantar fasciitis. How do I  know for sure?

Often, plantar fasciitis is confused with serious conditions like stress fractures. This may feel like a stress fracture to you, especially if you've had one before, because the symptoms are similar. But a stress fracture is very different. It is a small break in the actual bone of your foot, where as plantar fasciitis is damage to the plantar fascia in the foot. Both can cause significant pain and swelling. The best way to know is to visit us at Emerald Coast Podiatry. Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose you and get you on track to pain relief.

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