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By Emerald Coast Podiatry
January 18, 2017
Category: Podiatry

Don’t let yellow unsightly nails be the end all be all to your foot health.

It’s amazing how many people can develop a toenail fungal infection. With fungus being everywhere it’s not a surprise that this could toenail fungus happen to anyone. If your nails have grown thicker, yellow and brittle then you too could have fallen victim to a pesky nail fungus. From the office of our Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, FL, podiatrist, Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi, find out what a laser treatment can do to treat your infection.

First and foremost, there are other conditions that can look similar to a fungal infection so it’s important that our Crestview and Fort Walton Beach foot doctor takes a look at your feet before proceeding with this treatment. Of course, those with weakened immune systems or diabetes should always seek medical care right away, as this infection could cause serious health complications.

Keeping your nails trimmed is a good way to get rid of some of the fungi in the nails. Remember that you don’t want to trim your nails too short or at a curve, as this can also increase your risk of an ingrown toenail.

While some patients may see results with prescription or over-the-counter creams, this isn’t always the most effective method since it’s nearly impossible for the topical cream to get through the hard layers of nail to kill the fungus. Other treatment options include an oral antifungal medication.

If you’ve tried all these options and you are still left battling a fungal infection then laser therapy might be the ideal treatment. Unlike topical medications, this laser can painlessly penetrate through the nail and kill the fungi underneath without damaging or affecting the healthy skin or nail around it.

This is an amazingly effective solution for killing stubborn and chronic fungal infections of the nails. You may need several treatments for it to take effect. There are no negative side effects as opposed to other treatment options, and there is no downtime after treatment. Laser treatment stimulates the growth of a healthy nail.

A toenail fungus doesn’t have to ruin the appearance and health of your feet. Turn to Emerald Coast Podiatry in Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, FL, for the expert care you need to get beautiful feet that you can’t wait to show off this summer.