Freedom to do and say as one pleases. Today we are free to go about our business. Today we attend religious service, to gather with friends and family, to travel , to read or watch whatever we want. The daily freedoms we enjoy; that become part of the fabric of our lives, are born on the preservation of a free country. A country based on a concept which, prior to its founding was unheard of, a government by, for and of the people. It is defended by citizens, through the years who give of themselves for its protection putting their lives on the line in dedication to the concept of freedom.

In these days of electronic do dads of all flavors, these days of hectic schedules and no time. Join us in taking a moment to look past the Memorial day sales, the bbq’s, the white sandy beach and warm sunshine. Join us as we reflect on the brave men and women, the families grieving the sacrifice of their beloved father, mother, sister, brother.  Let our thoughts and prayers be with them on Memorial Day. I say to all of our military members, we appreciate you and your sacrifice, not only on this Memorial day but everyday.