May 19, 2016
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Whether you are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, back pain, or foot pain, orthotics can help alleviate and even repair the condition. They are an excellent conservative option to treating common foot, back, and knee problems. They provide a simple non-surgical method of restoring the arch to its optimal shape, thus relieving the stress on the bones and joints, allowing the foot to gradually heal.

Orthotics come in different types including custom and semi-custom. A proper fit is crucial to effectively treating your ailments.

When placing an orthotic in your shoe it should fit easily without any binding or being wedged against the side of the shoe. In order to achieve an optimal fit you need to remove the existing insole from the shoe when wearing full length orthotics. You should check the perimeter of your orthotic when placed into the shoe and make sure there is not a gap between the orthotic and the make of the shoe.

If this happens have Emerald Coast Podiatry make adjustments for a proper fit.

Here are few other reminders when it comes to wearing orthotics:

— Orthotics must be broken in when you receive a new pair. It is suggested to wear them for two hours the first day, and each day afterwards you should add two hours of wear until you have built up time for a full day. This can help your body fully adjust.

— Orthotics should also be used with a daily stretching routine. Many foot conditions can benefit from a stretching routine. It is easy to forget or stop stretching when you’re suddenly feeling better. Stretching is not only great to help relieve pain but it can also be used to prevent injuries from occurring.

— Avoid exercising in your new orthotics immediately after receiving them. It is recommended you wait six to eight weeks before using them during exercise.

The next time your body is aching think about the role orthotics can play in your treatment plan. Schedule an appointment with Emerald Coast Podiatryt and ask about orthotics.


by Megan Scott

Podiatry Today