September 15, 2016
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Many people suffer from neuropathy. Diabetics are often very familiar with neuropathy as it can be the first sign that they have developed diabetes. Symptoms such as numbness of the feet, tingling of the feet, and burning sensations develop letting the person know that they should see a doctor for a possible diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy. But what if what you are experiencing is not diabetic neuropathy? Could you be dealing with a neuroma instead?


A neuroma (also referred to as Morton's Neuroma) is a tumor that is benign (non-cancerous) and that grows on the forefoot between the metatarsal bones, typically between the third and forth toes. Neuromas can develop from wearing shoes that are too tight, by the way you walk, and your daily activities. Neuromas have almost identical symptoms as neuropathy and there is no way to know the difference without seeing your podiatrist. Neuromas may be incorrectly diagnosed as neuropathy and by visiting your podiatrist, there may be relief! The foot needs to be assessed and your podiatrist can tell you how much of your pain is actually coming from your neuroma and it could possibly be treatable right in the office by using orthotics, injections, laser treatment, and sometimes by just simply changing the fit of your shoes. If you have been having foot pain, and feel like you have to tolerate the pain, that's just not the case. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to assess, diagnose, and treat your pain.


Quick Neuroma Facts:


-Pain from a neuroma can radiate out beyond the toes. You may begin to feel pain throughout the entire foot.

-Neuroma pain may not be constant. It can come intermittent spurts, so just because it goes away at times does not mean it is getting better.

-Morton's neuroma affects women more commonly then men, at a ratio of about 4:1, often due to shoe choices. Women tend to wear narrow high heeled shoes putting pressure on the foot.

-A common complaint of people with Morton's neuroma is that they feel that they are walking on a marble.


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