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Imagine for a minute there was a miracle cure all. That there were one medication that could prevent or  treat diseases such as diabetes, hypertension , obesity, pain syndromes and depression . Imagine that these were a thing of the past.

 Do you think I’m speaking of Aldous Huxley’s Soma in “Brave New World”? Hardly. Exercise is that very medication. And you don’t need a prescription. And you won’t  even pay a copay. Its free!

It is obvious that the hardest part of “regular exercise” is the regular part, not the exercise part. Regular exercise does not have to begin by marathon training, or “hundos”, hundred mile bicycle rides. The majority of us do not have time for this. But do you have 20 minutes?

Often, we get discouraged from exercise because we think we can’t possibly achieve our fitness goals, so we fail to begin.

Can you find twenty minutes of just walking, or playing with your kids-encouraging their healthy lifestyles? Can you do this once a week? Twice? Five times?

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In the excellent book, “ The Slight Edge” Olsen states that the things that are easy to do, are also easy not to do. The easy 20 minute walk once a week can become twice, three or 5 times a week, morphing into a healthy, active lifestyle.  But ignoring it is easy too. Becoming complacent and sedentary is easy as well.

Can you start your day 20 minutes earlier? Can you take a walk on you lunch break or jog before you leave work? Involve your spouse, you kids or your friends?

Seven out of 10 Americans will die from a preventable disease.    Childhood obesity is our number one health problem in the U.S.

Sadly, for the first time in our history, our youth will have a shorter life span than adults.

We all can change. If you’ve thought about beginning a healthy lifestyle, or enhancing the one you have, Emerald Coast Podiatry is here to help.  Leave us a comment or question or come on in to speak with us. Your Health is our number one priority.