Distance Running: Good or Bad?

How much damage will running a marathon do to your feet?According to a recent study published in a British medical journal, the amount of training required to run a marathon may actually be detrimental to your health. 

Researchers discovered that high intensity exercise sessions lasting over an hour could overload the heart, increase free radical formation, ultimately contributing to ong-term problems. 

Even if you don’t damage your heart, at a certain point in marathon training, you stop enjoying the health benefits associated with regular exercise, according to an article published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Apparently, that point comes when you are either running over 20 miles each week, running 6 days a week and/or training at a pace exceeding eight miles per hour.Complications could occur possibly due to consistant, repetitive, and in this case, high level stress without adequate time to adapt

What is the distance runner to do?

The answer is fairly simple,moderation.Dovetailing  your cardio, your short , high intensity and long long intensity ( anerobic and aerobic ),strengthing your core and working your flexibility.Training so you aren’t just running all out all the time;  Cross training with alternative activites like swimming, rowing and bikin, making time for adequate rest and repair after all activites. Most importantly, listen to your body, go to your podiatrist early on when you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain

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