October 22, 2015
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Crossfit-part one

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Foot health is important  if you are on your feet everyday Crossfit training. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that many athletes use in their everyday training. So why is it more important for people who use Crossfit training to pay special attention to the health of their feet? Foot position and the fit of your shoes become very important in prevent many foot and ankle injuries often seen in those who are athletes and participate in Crossfit.

Some of the types of injuries commonly seen in those that participate in Crossfit are Acute fractures, Metatarsal stress fractures, Plantar fasciitis, Peroneal tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis. Because most athletes and Crossfitters tend to push through with their training while injured, it is important to seek treatment early so that we can provide you with preventative care. Emerald Coast Podiatry is committed to helping those with current and previous foot injuries heal up quickly and get you back on your feet and back to your training. We can help you get fitted for the right shoes and help you prevent serious injury to your foot.

Many times Crossfitters are simply just wearing the wrong pair of shoes or shoes with not enough support. There is no perfect shoe for Crossfit training because everyone has different needs for their feet. Typically, you need a different type of shoe for each activity you participate in. For example, you need a pair of shoes for running, a different pair for lifting, and a third pair for jumping. It is unrealistic to exercise this way. What is important is that you find a shoe that will offer the most support across all activities, such as a weight lifting shoe. This type of shoe will offer the most support because weight lifting is a strenuous activity and the shoes used will provide support across several activities.

For those who already have an injury, we want to treat you as soon as possible. There are many treatment options available. We can fit you for shoes that will work for you. Please feel free to bring your current shoes in and we can evaluate them for you. If you need a new fitting, we provide that right in our office. Surgery is only used as a last resort as we are able to treat the majority of patients with more conservative measures. Just remember, you don't have to exercise through the pain.

In part two of our Crossfit blog, we will discuss specific shoes recommendations for Crossfit shoes and discuss foot injuries related to Crossfit training a bit more in depth. Check back soon!