How long does it take to heal a broken foot bone?


How long does it take to heal a broken foot boneA general rule of thumb for a broken bone to heal is six to eight weeks. No matter how much or how well you want to negotiate the healing time to get back to running and other exercise, the time frame is dictated by your body. If you have risk factors or the break is in a bad area it can be even longer. You can help by following Dr. Ricciardi or Dr. Squatrito's advice, carefully caring for the fractured foot.

Each foot is comprised of 26 bones. There is a combination of long bones and others that are more irregular. The foot also is at the literal end of the circulatory system, with the smallest vessels providing the bones' blood supply. These factors will provide some variation in healing times.

You have the best chance for your foot to heal properly if you get it evaluated and cared for quickly. Contact Emerald Coast Podiatry and schedule an immediate appointment. We will make sure your broken foot will heal as quickly and completely as possi