Alas! Poor Achilles!


Great warrior of the Greek empire, conqueror of the Trojan empire, felled by an arrow to the heel!  Although one would wonder why he wasn’t submerged in the river styx completely and not held by the heel, he remains, nonetheless an example of strength and fortitude, of hard work and reliability

 The great warrior of our bodies is the aptly named Achilles tendon. It is the thickest and strongest tendon in the body. This tendon can receive a load stress 3.9 times body weight during walking and 7.7 times body weight when running! It goes without saying that a painful Achilles can be devastating.

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Often, patient will develop Achilles tendinitis ( the early stage ) or Achilles tendinosis ( long standing, thickening and chronic scarring of the tendon) Both are painful and both can lead to significant reductions in lifestyle and activities. Discerning the two is paramount.  Consistent tearing of the Achilles tendon can result in bone formation within the tendon resulting in the development of a spur.

Posterior calcaneal spurring associated with the Achilles can decrease the Achilles strength, making it work harder and propagating more inflammation, tearing, and spur formation.

At Emerald Coast Podiatry, we tailor the treatment of this ailment specifically to the needs of our patients. Advancements in non- surgical treatments have rendered surgical treatment rare. We advocate traditional conservative treatments, as well as advanced stem cell and prolotherapy techniques in recalcitrant cases.

Surgical treatment has been relegated to a last resort but when necessary, we get our patients back to activities using the most researched and trusted techniques.

Think of your doctors and staff at Emerald Coast Podiatry as your river styx! We will discuss your condition with you and explain all treatments available so you can carry on your own legendary journey!