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Ok. So you know something is off. Ankles hurt, arches hurt. Calves are fatigued. Your lower back hurts, but it will go away on its own. Ehh, maybe it's age.Or maybe its growing pains. No!. Malalignment begins at the base and cause pain and discomfort. Pain is not normal or to be expected.

Clarification is always a good idea.  It’s important to know all of the facts. While it is estimated that only about 20% of people with flat or misaligned feet have pain in their feet, there are other places i the effects of the falt foot-caused malalignment can manifest. Not only that, but other areas of your health could be affected by not being able to exercise due to pain in your body. Let’s look at the three main areas of your health that can be affected by having flat or misaligned feet:

Foot Related Conditions

The most obvious place to look first would be issues with the feet. Flat or misaligned feet left untreated can cause pain, discomfort, and other symptoms such as:

  • Bunions
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Posterior tibial dysfunction
  • Hammertoes
  • Big Toe Joint Issues such as loss of normal range of motion
  • Heel Pain
  • Metatarsalgia –pain in the ball of the foot
  • Nerve Pain (Morton’s Neuroma & Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)

Issues you may notice in your feet could also include inflammation in ligaments that are under pressure as a result of the bones being out of line in your foot. While a lot of these symptoms will likely be obvious and easily diagnosable, we need to consider the root cause of these symptoms.

Problems with the Lower Body and Back

YOur feet stay in contact with the ground. And like all structures of multiple pieces, the stability  of the base dictates the strain on the high pieces. We use muscles tendons and ligaments too much to maintain these higher off the ground pieces.  When the ankle bone and heel bone do not align properly, the leg rotates internally, The lower leg and upper leg twist different amounts and cause strain of the supporting ligaments. The upper leg still does twist and this twisting leads to the hip being pulled away from the pelvisThe pelvis tilts forward and compresses the lower back. These problems will only get worse with age and wear and tear.

Limitations on Exercise

The foot controls your ability to be active. It is common to see higher rates of diaetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and even depression all related to an inability to be active. If you think you or someone you love or care about may have the problems listed above. we would be honored to evaluate the cause and discussed multiple treatment options specifically for you.

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So many of us are trying to improve our running times and fitness. More are just starting out on making running a part of an active healthy lifestyle.


Here are a few basic running tips to help get you where you want to be:


1. Lean forward: Lean forward at sternum, the middle of your chest, (not your head! ) Holding your shoulders back, your chin high and your chest proud and forward, you will be making the most of gravity and momentum.

2. Make a quick transition with your feet: Striking with the heel is not the end of the world. Its what the heel is for. However as you gain speed, it is best to keep that ground strike at the midfoot or forefoot level. Its difficult to run fast on your heel or slow on the ball of the foot. Overstriding and will lead to an unnatural heel stike position

3. Check Those Arms: swing the arms at the shoulder and maintaing a natural arm position is more and more pivital with increasing distance. That wild arm movement will sap energy and stationary arms dont capitalize on core strength and momentum

4. Short strides: Generally are more efficient. They will cut you unnecessary heel-on-the-ground time while promoting a midfoot strike. Try to aim for about 180 strides per minute. Many of the available fitness devices will calculate that for you.

5. Injury recognition: We all get aches and pains. The docs at Emerald Coast Podiatry are here to amke sure that those aches and pains dont become injuries that will take you out of your game. If the aches, gets your attention, let us give it our attention.