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Imagine for a minute there was a miracle cure all. That there were one medication that could prevent or  treat diseases such as diabetes, hypertension , obesity, pain syndromes and depression . Imagine that these were a thing of the past.

 Do you think I’m speaking of Aldous Huxley’s Soma in “Brave New World”? Hardly. Exercise is that very medication. And you don’t need a prescription. And you won’t  even pay a copay. Its free!

It is obvious that the hardest part of “regular exercise” is the regular part, not the exercise part. Regular exercise does not have to begin by marathon training, or “hundos”, hundred mile bicycle rides. The majority of us do not have time for this. But do you have 20 minutes?

Often, we get discouraged from exercise because we think we can’t possibly achieve our fitness goals, so we fail to begin.

Can you find twenty minutes of just walking, or playing with your kids-encouraging their healthy lifestyles? Can you do this once a week? Twice? Five times?

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In the excellent book, “ The Slight Edge” Olsen states that the things that are easy to do, are also easy not to do. The easy 20 minute walk once a week can become twice, three or 5 times a week, morphing into a healthy, active lifestyle.  But ignoring it is easy too. Becoming complacent and sedentary is easy as well.

Can you start your day 20 minutes earlier? Can you take a walk on you lunch break or jog before you leave work? Involve your spouse, you kids or your friends?

Seven out of 10 Americans will die from a preventable disease.    Childhood obesity is our number one health problem in the U.S.

Sadly, for the first time in our history, our youth will have a shorter life span than adults.

We all can change. If you’ve thought about beginning a healthy lifestyle, or enhancing the one you have, Emerald Coast Podiatry is here to help.  Leave us a comment or question or come on in to speak with us. Your Health is our number one priority.


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Heel pain, commonly known as plantar fasciitis, is the most frequent cause of pain and disability we see in the office. It is characterized by sharp shooting pains, commonly with the first step in the morning or rising after rest, in the center or inside of the heel.

Treatments have been classically geared at biomechanical support via orthotics, stretching, shoe evaluations, splinting and surgery. While these have been successful, at EmeraldCoast Podiatry, surgical correction for this is  uncommon, we are always researching new and better ways to treat our patient's pain.

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After exhaustive research, Emerald Coast Podiatry is proud to offer Stem Cell therapy for plantar fasciitis. This revolutionary paradigm in the treatment of chronic severe pain is now available as a treatment option for severe, recalcitrant pain. Emerald Coast Podiatry offers this cutting edge treatment as an alternative to surgery in even the most severe cases. 

Stem Cell therapy involves the injection of ethically cultured Stem Cells. These are cells we all have within us. They are delivered to the area of degeneration and become the cells needed for repair and regeneration. This allows a signinficant reduction in pain, a more rapid return to activities and work, and the virtual elimination of surgery as a treatment modality, Complete pain relief can be achieved in as little as 2 days, even in the worst cases

If you are interested in learning more, contact Dr. Ricciardi or Dr. Squatrito at Emerald Coast Podiatry to discuss your options

April 06, 2015
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Barefoot running is an interesting running option that has circulated among the running community for at least 30 years. Some authors, running enthusiasts, coaches, and trainers are endorsing this training method. It has served as the genesis of the minimalist craze, but is it really for every runner?

Barefoot running is believed to improve foot muscle strength. A core tenet would seem to be that we were made to run without shoes. There is a segment of anatomically gifted athletes with model biomechanical structure to their feet.  However, hen the foot is improperly functioning, the intromsoc foot muscles which move the toes, as well as the lower leg muscles which move the foot, have to work a lot harder to keep the foot, knee, leg and hip upright and working correctly. Doing an activity that puts about 3 times body weight on each foot 1500 times per mile, may be a bit tougher for a foot if it isn’t working optimally .

Like many things in life, moderation is key. There is likely a place in training  for barefoot running for the intermediate to advanced runner

Barefoot running or even running in a minimal shoe may not be ideal for a person with previous running injuries, a poorly aligned foot, balance problems, weakness in the leg, hip or core.And definately not for the running beginner.

 Each runner should do regular flexibility and strength exercises, as well as keeping the body slightly forward of the plumb line,  and to  land slightly more forward on the midfoot rather than on the heel. Your goal in running should be fitness not time, not weight loss. One needs to run for the long term, avoiding injuries that can sideline the rinner. Check with a foot specialist well versed in biomechanincs and running to get a personalized assessment.