Common Types of Pediatric Gait Abnormalities

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What Are the Different Types of Gait Abnormalities Children Exhibit?

A gait abnormality is otherwise known as an unusual walking style. Gait abnormalities can affect anyone from any age group. Still, they are more common among older adults and young children. The children still learning to walk are more likely to display these atypical walking patterns.

The different gait abnormalities children exhibit are detailed in the bullet points below.

  • Antalgic Gait – Antalgic gait is mainly caused by pain. This gait is typically characterized by the child not putting weight on one side of their body.
  • Circumduction Gait – A child with a circumduction gait may have one of their legs swing forward excessively due to greater hip abduction. Circumduction gait is a byproduct of one leg being longer than the other.
  • Clumsy Gait – The clumsy gait causes children to fall over often. Learning disabilities and barely legible handwriting may also accompany the clumsy gait.
  • In-Toeing – You can tell a child has an in-toeing gait if their knees and feet point inward while walking.
  • Out-Toeing – Out-toeing is the opposite of in-toeing. With this gait, the child’s knees and feet point outward as they walk.
  • Trendelenberg’s Gait – Trendelenberg’s gait resembles a waddling motion. It’s often caused by either hip pain or issues with the hip abductor muscle.

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How Are Pediatric Gait Abnormalities Treated?

Podiatrists often leave pediatric gait abnormalities alone and merely observe them. That’s because they tend to disappear as the child’s body develops, and they exert better control over it.

However, medical intervention may be required if the abnormal gait is related to some condition. Your podiatrist may coordinate with specialists to treat your child’s condition and abnormal gait. Therapy and medication may also correct a child’s walking pattern. Surgical procedures may be needed in some cases.

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