What To Expect From Podiatric Laser Surgery

How laser surgery from your podiatrist in Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview, FL, can help you

Lasers are a convenient, effective tool in medicine, especially in podiatry. Laser surgery can treat a wide variety of foot and toe conditions. Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi and Dr. Neil Patel at Emerald Coast Podiatry provides a wide range of foot and ankle services, including laser surgery. We have two convenient office locations in Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview, FL, to help you.

What Laser Surgery Treats

Laser surgery is an effective way to treat:

  • Plantar warts–by removing the entire wart
  • Ingrown toenails–by removing the ingrown area of the toenail
  • Toenail fungus–by killing the fungus which is infecting the nail
  • Heel and overall foot pain–by reducing inflammation to tendons, ligaments, and muscles

Laser technology uses heat and light energy to target soft tissue. Laser technology also stimulates your body’s own healing ability by boosting blood flow and stimulating cell renewal.

Laser podiatry treatment offers many important benefits, including:

  • More comfortable treatment because laser surgery often requires only local anesthesia for most procedures
  • Minimally invasive treatment because there are no incisions or sutures
  • Quicker recovery time because laser surgery only targets a specific area, with minimal to no damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Treatment is performed on an outpatient basis with no hospital stay.

Depending on the severity and type of foot pain or injury, you may need multiple treatments, scheduled 2 to 3 times per week. Laser treatment sessions are short, often taking as little as 30 minutes.

During your laser surgery treatment, you might feel a slight warming sensation but there is no discomfort. Most laser surgery procedures will allow you to go on with your daily activities immediately after your treatment.

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To learn more about podiatric laser surgery and what to expect, call Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi and Dr. Neil Patel at Emerald Coast Podiatry. You can reach us in the Fort Walton Beach, FL, office by calling (850) 862-4119, or in Crestview, FL, by calling (850) 682-6522, so call now.

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