What Causes Arch Pain?

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Identifying the Causes of Arch Pain

Pain affecting the arch of your foot can make it very difficult for you to move around. Basic activities like running, walking, or even standing become challenges due to the pain radiating from your foot.

So, why are you experiencing arch pain? There are numerous factors potentially in play.

For instance, the pain you’re feeling could be related to a case of plantar fasciitis. If the arch pain is accompanied by stiffness affecting your heel and the ball of your foot, then you likely have the aforementioned condition.

The arch pain could also be a side effect of how you move your feet while walking or running. Some people roll their feet too far in while moving. That type of movement is known as overpronation and it can gradually affect the structure of the feet and cause significant arch pain.

Furthermore, certain factors can also make people more susceptible to that type of pain. People with flat feet are more likely to experience that painful sensation because of how their feet are structured.

Your chances of experiencing arch pain also increase as you grow older. The same holds true for overweight individuals.

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How Is Arch Pain Treated?

Typically, arch pain is treated using a combination of rest and stretching. Your doctor will likely tell you to get off your feet for a while. During that time, they may also recommend gently stretching out your feet so they can regain some range of motion.

Unfortunately, that form of basic treatment doesn’t always work. You may need additional help to manage your condition.

Don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends splinting. Splinting should help keep your ailing foot adequately supported as it rests.

If the pain is noticeable, but not enough to keep you off your feet, your doctor may recommend using shoe inserts. Use those inserts to keep your feet supported as you go about your day.

In cases wherein the aforementioned forms of treatment still do not work, your doctor may prescribe medication. They may prescribe pain-relievers and anti-inflammatories to treat your arch pain.

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