What Is Causing My Arch Pain?

Dr. Ricciardi and Dr. Patel can help you ease your foot pain. 

From athletes and runners to nurses and professionals who are on their feet all day for work, our Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview, FL,  podiatrists Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi and Dr. Neil Patel have seen a lot of patients who deal with arch pain. It’s a pretty common problem that brings people into our office. Since the arches of the feet do everything from help the feet bear weight to absorb shock when walking and running, you better believe that when the arches start to hurt that everyday activities become more challenging. This is when our team here at Emerald Coast Podiatry can help.

What causes arch pain? 

Some of the most common reasons for arch pain include:

  • Strains and sprains of the muscles, ligaments, or tendons of the foot
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Overpronation
  • Cavus foot

When should I see a podiatrist?

A single case of arch pain isn’t typically a reason to rush to our office. However, if you are dealing with sudden, severe, or recurring arch pain then it’s time to turn to our Fort Walton Beach, FL, podiatrists to find out what’s going on and how to properly treat the problem. Arch pain that isn’t properly treated can eventually lead to pain in the knees, legs, and back so it’s important that you address this problem.

How is arch pain treated? 

How we decide to treat your pain will depend on the root cause. In order to determine the underlying cause, Dr. Ricciardi and Dr. Patel will need to perform a comprehensive evaluation. We will go through your medical history to see if you have any preexisting conditions such as diabetes that will require specialized attention and care. We will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms and also perform a thorough physical examination. Based on these results we will determine whether X-rays or additional testing are needed for a diagnosis.

In most cases, arch pain can be managed through simple home remedies and care, such as:

  • Ample rest
  • Avoiding strenuous activities
  • Stretching the feet daily
  • Icing the arches of your feet
  • Wearing supportive shoes and custom shoe inserts (we can make prescription orthotics right here at our practice)
  • Pain relievers
  • Physical therapy
  • Splinting or bracing

Don’t let arch pain affect your daily routine. Dr. Ricciardi and Dr. Patel provide a full range of podiatric services to the Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview, FL,  communities. If arch pain isn’t responding to rest and home care, or if your pain keeps returning, call Emerald Coast Podiatry at (850) 862-4119, or (850)-682-6522 to schedule a prompt evaluation with one of our expert foot doctors.

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