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Diabetic Wound Care

Complications of diabetes typically include poor blood circulation and nerve damage. These issues make your feet more susceptible to ulcers or skin sores that could worsen rapidly. Fortunately, proper diabetes management as well as thorough foot care under the guidance of your podiatrists Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi and Dr. Neil Patel here at Emerald Coast Podiatry in our Fort Walton Beach, FL, or Crestview, FL, office could help your avoid foot ulcers and ultimately, amputation.

Aside from proper diabetes management, proper foot care will likewise prevent all sorts of foot problems and ensure accurate treatment when issues do occur. With this in mind, here are some practical foot care guidelines to help you out:

  • Clean your feet thoroughly, daily. Use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Make sure they’re dry, particularly between your toes. You can use cornstarch or talcum powder for this. Next, apply a hydrating lotion or cream to the bottoms and tops of the feet to prevent cracks from dry skin. This will keep bacteria from seeping into the cracks.
  • Examine your feet every single day for sores, cuts, blisters, cracks, swelling, tenderness, or redness. If you’re having difficulty reaching your feet, have someone help you out or use a mirror.
  • Never try to remove foot lesions on your own. Avoid injuring your skin and don’t use scissors, clippers, or a nail file on corns, warts, bunions, or calluses. Always ask your podiatrist for professional treatment to avoid complications.
  • Go to your podiatrist in our Fort Walton Beach, FL, or Crestview, FL, office for professional foot examinations at least once yearly or more, as recommended by your podiatrist. He can examine your feet for potential warning signs of poor circulation, nerve damage, or other foot issues.
  • Cut your toenails straight across and file the edges with a nail file.
  • Never go barefoot, even inside your house, to prevent injuring your feet.
  • Opt for comfortable footwear that offers sufficient cushioning and support for your entire feet. Avoid narrow shoes, those with high heels, and those that fit too tight.
  • Choose socks that are crafted from fibers that wick sweat away from the skin. Avoid socks that have tight elastic bands, as these block circulation.
  • Just stop smoking. Aside from negatively affecting your overall health, smoking decreases oxygen stores in the blood and impairs proper circulation. In turn, these circulatory issues could cause poor healing and more serious wounds.

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